Jane is a seasoned Exercise Coach, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. She has experience in many wellness center facilities, having assisted patients as they carry out exercise programs. She works individually with clients helping to begin or to expand their exercise program as they work toward healthy lifestyle goals, weight management goals, pre-natal and post-natal fitness, or to prepare for bariatric surgery. Jane holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology at PheanixUniversity and a Masters of Sports Science Texas State University. She is a member of and is certified by the American Personal Trainer Federation. She is also a Certified Health Coach.


Sarah is a community manager for a local gym by day and small group fitness coach by night. Her level of excitement to help people succeed in wellness is extraordinary.

In 2016, Sarah rediscovered her love for strength training and wanted to share her knowledge and passion with others. She believes small group fitness is a great source of training that accommodates all levels and abilities. Her classes are strength-based with an emphasis on form, fun, and confidence building for those who attend.

When asked why people should consider lifting weights, Sarah said, “Strength training is something people need to fold into their daily routine in order to build a strong foundation for better health and wellness. Lifting weights will help with everyday tasks we ask our bodies to complete.”


Whether in outdoor pursuits or intentionally building strength and endurance, Christine has always been an adventurous soul that craves movement! She loves to laugh, feel good, and truly believes in embracing the present moment.

In college while studying art and psychology she was introduced to yoga and immediately fell in love with the practice and it’s lineage. She promptly joined a yoga studio as a way to compliment her active lifestyle and help bring her into balance.

In 2010, Christine learned to love the many styles of yoga. Since then, yoga and body awareness have made an extremely positive impact in her life and she enjoys sharing that positivity with those around her. Health, happiness, and joy are crucial in order to function as our best selves and Christine hopes to help people thrive, beginning on their mat.